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Our mind is a powerful mechanism. It creates roadblocks and detours. It will help us “check-out or check-in to” any line of reasoning, justifying why we do the things we do.
Our “truth” is something we never have to try and justify. It feels natural, and real. Yet, is often resisted or ignored because it means we have to step outside our comfort zone, and allow ourselves to become vulnerable if we wish to experience it.
It’s frequently a place of unfamiliarity.
Trina shares the disadvantages of never leaving this place we have dubbed our “comfort zone”
And the benefits of traveling to a place that scares the “S *&% “ out of us!

Yoga Workshop

The art of letting go using your body's innate wisdom.
We all experience resistance in our relationships, moving toward a healthy lifestyle, looking at the numbers in our bank account and trying to pay the bills etc.
This workshop is a practical hands on experience, teaching participants how to let go of resistance, and trust the messages you receive so making firm decisions is no longer a struggle.

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