Trina's Speaking Topics

Trina speaks on a number of topics focusing on multiple facets of life. 

Facing and Overcoming Our Fears
Living Our Passion
Decluttering Your Life
When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit
Thoughts Are Like Monkey’s, Don’t Feed Them Bananas.

Trina will combine and customize topics to suit your audience.

Finding The Sweet Spot 

Finding your sweet spot will lead to achieving your goals 

You will learn how to prevent or ease existing tension, anxiety and stress through movement.

Are you scared to make a decision because you are afraid you might make the wrong one?
Through the steps taught in finding your “sweet spot,” you will learn how to trust yourself in making firm decisions.

The Body Speaks: an amazing miracle of communication.

Are you someone who is constantly on the go? No enthusiasm for exercise? Do you eat out a lot or when you cook does your food come from a boxed, bag or a can? Do you travel often? Irritable? Does your joints ache? Are you sleep deprived? Is your skin lacking luster? Are your relationships lacking spark? If you answered yes to any of these, this workshop is for you.
Our body is speaking to us all the time but are you listening? 
Most of us have no idea what our body is capable of doing until given a chance. Our body is constantly sending signals to the brain trying to get our attention. You will be guided through a practice called body sensing and learn valuable techniques on how to mindfully connect with your body’s internal guidance system and receive the messages it is trying to convey to you. The information you learn in this workshop will give you the awareness, tools, and confidence to comply to your body’s signals so that you may live a healthier lifestyle.

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