Who is Trina Schartz ?

trina schartz

Trina Schartz

 Motivational Speaker, Author, Certified Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Practitioner
 Trina’s mission is to inspire others to overcome their perceived barriers and live a life of passion. She Inspires others to live their life as if today is the only day they have left to live. Trina promotes that alleviating what no longer serves us opens the door to living our highest potential. 

Trina draws on her personal life experiences growing up in the Midwest where living to conform became the petri dish for disease in the body. She used alcohol, food, exercise and other escapisms in lieu of confronting the fear of standing in her integrity.
Her disease became her norm until one day the thought of suicide woke her up. She realized that her thoughts were controlling her life and she could no longer live a lie.
From that point on she vowed she would no longer live a fear based driven life around food, money, relationships with others and God out of duty, obligation, guilt or fear of loss.
It is through her commitments to herself and her decision to challenge her fears where she developed a passion for living. By sharing her journey she hopes it will assist others to discover their passion.
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