Are you living your passion?

Trina believes, that in order to live the life you dream of having, you have to be willing to let go of those aspects of your life that no longer serve you.

Trina speaking on living your passion

Urban Tribe women's retreat, Anna Maria Island, Sarasota Florida
What ever keeps you distracted is trying to get your attention. Your passion is calling your name. This passion is the gift(s) you are meant to share with others. This is why you are here on this earth. What are you doing with this distraction, this ache in your gut? Are you living it? 
Often times we feel that life gets in the way of doing what many claim as the “butter on our bread.” We don’t have time or the resources to incorporate our passion into our life.
What we fail to recognize is that without our passion guiding our existence we lose our zest for life.
Our enthusiasm and productivity wanes not only in out personal lives but our professional life as well. Our career and relationships take the brunt.
Trina shares her experiences and demonstrates the techniques she has used has that has helped her open the door of possibilities, and shift her life from existing to living.

Experiences with Trina

  • Amy Silvis -

    Business Owner
    "You inspired me. I've started a small balloon decor business!! It's making me so happy. Amazing when something in your life makes you so happy - all parts of your life seem to just fall into place."

    Fadra Mitchell -

    Licensed Social Worker
    "People really respond to Trina because she makes the effort to CONNECT with them via a connection with yourself. 
    Thank you Trina for finding the courage to challenge your fears so that you may lead by example.
    Trina you have inspired me to GROW via goal setting. I have had to challenge my fears in order to make room for meeting my goals."

    Sabrina Channel -

    LMT, Owner Channels of Healing
    "I am going back to Chiropractic College beginning in January. I can't describe how your presence has helped shape my decisions in my life, but your wisdom in asking is this my purpose? What am I called to do now? This is so powerful!"
  • Amiee Rae Kraus-

    "I was starting to doubt if I could ever really do my dream but doubt no more!! Pushing that fear aside and following through with my thoughts. Your message couldn't have come at a better time!!!!!!"

    Mona McGregor -

    Licensed mental health counselor and certified sex therapist.
    "Trina’s story and her mission to share her story to inspire others to overcome their perceived barriers and live a life of passion, resonated with me and I knew I had to get to know her better and share her amazing story, energy and passion, with others." 

    Katherine D'asta -

    Author, Living from Your Heart: The Inner Essences Journey
    "Trina is a very moving and supportive teacher. I have learned a great deal from her especially about how to heal my body. One of the best parts of having Trina as a teacher is she is committed to your well-being and is there for her students beyond the session. I continue to seek out her valuable guidance"
  • Dana McIntyre

    "Trina is a brilliant resource when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.
    You can tell from the moment you meet her that she is enthusiastic about helping people live their best life possible"


    Retired Computer programmer and analyst
    "I love listening to Trina deliver a presentation. She has amazing presence and the power to truly connect with her audience. Trina has the ability to simultaneously demonstrate confidence and vulnerability. As an audience member, this makes me feel like I can trust her authority on her topic, but at the same time see her as a constant learner, always open to new information and ideas. If you are looking for a dynamic presenter, I highly recommend Trina!"

    Kim Buche

    Communication Specialist
    "Trina reminds us that life is only as limited or limitless as we choose.
    She creates a spark that helps light one's path to positive change and self-discovery"
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